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About Us

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Let us introduce ourselves…

The internet has changed the way we work. 10-39 Online is physically located in Logan, Utah but has clients all over the world. We have no fancy office so there are none of those expenses. We are a husband and wife team that create beautiful and functional websites and then host and maintain them. We work from anywhere there is an internet connection. Usually from home.

Our clients love us because they have our cell phone numbers and can call, text or email anytime. They also know that we have been in the business for over 15 years and will still be around when they need us. We have built and rebuilt websites for many of our clients and work to nurture long term relationships.

We do things a little different and limit the clients that we take on. We believe that we our existing customers come first and if there needs aren’t met why are we adding more.

We would love to build you a website and to take care of you well into the future.


Why it works for your business…

A one page website is the perfect match for anyone just starting out who needs online presence with a small budget. Each one page website is tailored to each client through logo colors, pictures and so much more. A 10-39 one page website ensures:

  • An affordable set cost
  • The focus is on the main points of your business
  • A website that is done quickly
  • Seamless and intuitive design
  • A website that looks great on all devices
  • A website that takes visitors on a journey through your business
  • A unique look tailored to you and your business


Mobile Friendly

More than 50% of websites are now viewed on devices other than computers. Tablets and phones have become an everyday item and many of your customers are getting their information on these devices. Your website must be viewable and mobile friendly on any device or many people won’t go through the work of trying to use it at all. Your 1 Page Website will be mobile friendly. It’s almost elastic in nature and can conform to fit any screen and look good on any browser. Try opening this site on any device you have to see what happens.

Our websites also work well on any browser. Whether you are an IOS or Android lover, a Chrome or Firefox junkie, or still use the old blue “E”. Our website will work for you.

Ready for Growth

The One Page Website is for those who need an elegant and functional website but would also like it to be simple and inexpensive. We designed the 1 Page Website after hearing from many small businesses that were just getting started.

The site is built on WordPress in a way that can expand with your business, budget and personality in the future. There are no limitations on growth. You won’t have to start over or lose any ground. The website will remain up to date and current, ready to expand when you are.

SEO Just Part of the Deal

Everyone asks us about SEO. What people really mean is that they want to be at the top of the results list on Google. We get that, we do too. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and good SEO starts with a well built website using the correct words and phrases to define what are all about. It’s not luck, it’s focus. Google and other search engines just what to give searchers the best results possible.

We work with you to define what your keywords are and then to create the website around those words. It doesn’t cost extra, it’s just part of the deal.

Hosting with the Best

Hosting is where you website will live while the world searches for you. There is literally a physical computer where the files and databases that make up your website reside and are served up to patrons at their request.

At 10-39 Online we have our own dedicated server that is super fast. Website load speed is a big factor for ranking well in the Google and the other search engines. With your hosting we include backups, security, software updates and assurance that if your website ever does go down, our team is right there to get it going again. No extra charge. It’s just part of the deal.


Style 1

10-39 went to infinity and beyond with my website

10-39 was amazing to work with

My one page website made me a part of the online world

A one page website was exactly what my business needed

Style 2

My one page website made me a part of the online world

A one page website was exactly what my business needed

10-39 went to infinity and beyond with my website

10-39 was amazing to work with

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